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Plague Dogs you want to forever? You wil This isthe story oftwo dogs that escape from a laboratory and are hunted as possible carries ofthe ‘bubonic plague. Basil the Great Mouse Detective Basi the rodent Sheriock uncovers Holmes, link investigates the Professor of teyemaker and uncovers link ta he afeh-namy, Professor Ratigan, Forte time the movie was quite new and revlutonary and it doesr quite fin withthe other movies Disney made in that plod, erhaps that the reason why ithas been forgotten But “The Great Mouse Detective” deserves tobe known and seen, Italso has a rather spectacular finale on and in Big Ber, which ‘couldnt advee mare to wateh! Goshu the Cellist Made the co-creator of StudloGhibl in befor small thelr fame hit, Goshu receives (Gauehe) help the ceist is about animals a him in a small practice orchestra music- that receives Beautiful help fom animation animals to help him and practice his music- Beautiful cast animation forIs ime, and inear story with likable cast Interstella 5555, You might recognise these two protagonists asthe lead fom Daft Punks music videos “One More Time” “Aerodynamic “Dial Love” and “Harder, Better, story, but Faster, Stronger.~ wordless. This Punk continuation album of ‘ther story, but remalns wordless. That Daft Punk album isthe backing trace throughout. Once upon a Forest Ayoung mouse, badger mole and who’s hedgehog been risk polsoned their by ves men. to fnd cure story for that thair badger frien, who’s been polsoned by men. Asweet story that stays wth you through charm, rather than perfect execution. FernGully: The Last Rainforest im nt going tele, the majonity ofthe reason this maves on this lists because Robin Willams plays a neurotic bat that has rap scene. lists Which you because Iisten Robin ‘would to the yes, plays thought are as much neurotic werse bat than that yau ‘would have thought as a chil ‘The magical inhabitants of a rainforest logging and ght to save thelr home, wich s threatened by logging and called a pollating force of destruction called Heus. The Secret of Kells young boy a remote medieval outpost under siege from barbarian als beckoned to adventure when a celebrated master uminator arrives with an ancient and boo, powers. brimming with secret ‘wisdom and powers. “Te art for this move bebutful and the story heartwarming, once manage to wrap your head around the style. Sang of the Sea Made by the same people as the Secret of Kel, Song ofthe Seats iularly animated with an even more poignant story, Ssoirse child who the las ofthe slkes, women in ish and Scotsh legends who transform from seals Into people. She and her human brether en escape from her grandmather’s home to Journey to the sea and fre ary creatures trapped in the medern world Suicide Shop ‘Afamily-zun shop that focus sels on everyting you need to take your own fe ‘indsithard to focus on business after a new baby ~ one who makes ‘everyone around him happy ~ is born nt te family The Last Unicorn From arddle -speaking buterty, unicorn learns that shes supposedly the last of her kind al the others having ben herded ‘anay by the Red Bull The unicorn She is sets out to dscaver on the truth quest by bbehind the buteery words. She is eventual joined on her quest by ‘Schmendric a second-rate magician, and Mally Grue, now midale- aged woman who dreamed al he ifeofseing a unicorn Their Journey leads them far from home, lthe way tothe caste of King The Prophet Bled artist and poet Mustafa embarks on ajourney home with his housekeeper and her daughter; that the together truth the trio must words evade the ‘authors who fea that the truth rebellion, Mustafa’ words wil rebellion, The Secret of NIMH ‘To save ‘ats, herillson,afeld with has mouse must deeper sek the she ald ofa ever colony of ‘ats, with whom she has a deeper lnk tthan she ever suspected ‘You wil falin love more with aand Mrs mare Briy the eld mouse) and ind youself drawn more aand mare Into the tory with every passing second ‘There are several moments themes that are wily frightening right for young heads. children, and more several themes that wily right ver ther heads. slighty more hil friendly sequel was made about the son that was ilin the fest film ater he has grown up. ‘Arag dll that awakens in a postapocalyptic future hold the key to off Sahation.I pu this here mostly because help think t’s writen off typical Tim Burton Burton fim..does help if say Johnny ‘weten off pial Tim Burton fim.-des help fay Johnny Depp is nowhere in here? Titan AE. IA young man learns species that he does in hast order find to hidden secure the Earth ship of before an enemy allen species does in order to secure the surva of humanity. realise this one shown often onthe Sy channel, buts not exactly wellknown among thase who don’ frequent itoften, An early ‘example of 24 and art mixngis seen ere, to an extent only propery seen in Sinbad: Legend ofthe Seven Seas since. ‘The Brave Little Toaster bear with me a moment. For those of you who have seen this ‘one before, you know the trueterror that story ofa toaster, blant, to alamp their a radi, and after a vacuum being cleaner abandoned journeying in her tothe to fin their master after being abandoned in her cabin inthe ‘Woods can bring For sucha childish looking Story move, level. there at serious emotional sory trip forthe involved on a Ty Story level. Ifyou dont at least not et quite sory forthe human ‘cas singing ther junkyard song you’re not quite human Watership Down Many people have read the book, not many have been brave enough to watch the move, Made by the creator of Plague Dogs above this Isa siiary horrifying movie thats made beautuly. Based upon feature Richard the novel of the same tite, his animated of feature dves they into the to surprisingly anew colony world ofa free warren of and rabots as they sek to estal anew colony free of tyranny and human intervention, Frightening ad bloody in some seenes. Not recommended for young The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn now this got lot of attention in France, bu hiss msty hereto ‘appreciate the art. Look how realistic is tutle head is, The entre movie remind ike that, yourself beautiful to look at and awe-nspring when remind yourself you should real fe, Even ifyou aren’ta fan ofthe ‘story you should watch it asa pure visual mastrplece. Basically summed up this: Intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain Haddock st off on a treasute hunt fora sunken ship commanded by Haddocks ancestor. – )

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